One of the premier midsize SUVs on the market today, the new Kia Sorento has the design and performance that you need to keep your family safe on any journey. Appreciate these features and learn why they are among the best in the new SUV industry.

Unlike other SUVs that come with front-wheel drive trains, the new Sorento comes with all-wheel drive. This AWD feature means that you get some of the safest driving and best handling in any road conditions. There is no worry about tipping over while you turn tight corners. You also get the speed and power from all four wheels to drive in snow, ice and on gravel surfaces. You can stop on a dime, even if the roads are wet or loose.

The new Sorento also gives you the towing power needed to haul small trailers. Tow up to 5000 pounds behind your SUV easily.


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