Kamryn and Sydney, Auto Express KIA and JET/FOX/YourErie “Good Kids” of the Week

Please join us in congratulating the Auto Express KIA and JET/FOX/YourErie “Good Kids” of the week. Kamryn and Sydney are both 10yrs old and attend Mill Village Elementary. Here is their Nomination letter: Kamryn and Sydney decided together that they wanted to do something to give back to the community.  The girls told their parents that they’d like to use their own money and put together blessing bags for the homeless. Together the girls took their own allowance money that they had earned along with some money that we chose to contribute to the dollar tree.  They bought multiple bags of goods like nail kits, shampoo, soap, gloves, hats, chapstick and other needed essentials.  Together they made 23 blessings bags for kids and adults.  Sydney’s mom contacted Community Shelter Services in Erie and made an appointment to drop off the bags.  The director was very welcoming and appreciated the girls’ thoughtfulness. Kamryn and Sydney both deserve this award because they more than willing and eager to use their own money and time to help those less fortunate. To nominate a Good kid you know go to YourErie.com
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