What is the suspension of a vehicle?
The suspension of a vehicle includes all tires, shock absorbers, related components, and the tire pressure. These components are all attached to the wheels of the vehicle.

What does the vehicle's suspension do?
Your vehicle's suspension is critical in protecting against damage from bumps and uneven elevations of the road or terrain. The suspension also provides for a smoother ride.

When should a vehicle's suspension be serviced?
You can service the suspension yourself by checking the tire pressure and tread wear every 3,000 miles. However, if you still experience a bumpy ride, then you should have your suspension checked by a professional.

Where is the top place to have a vehicle's suspension serviced?
?You can have your vehicle's suspension serviced at Auto Express Kia. Our team will quickly check your suspension system and make the necessary repairs and replacements without delay. Contact us today.


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