How to Control Pet Hair in Your Vehicle

Don't hesitate to bring your furry friends along for a ride just because you're dreading the clean up afterwards. With a little preparation and a few tricks, you can enjoy the company of your pet without having to live with the aftermath of pet hair in your upholstery.

Stop pet hair where it starts by giving your pet a quick grooming right before you leave. Prepare a place for your pet by covering the area with a blanket or towel and keep them in a carrier if possible.

A fun way to remove any pet hairs that escape and get trapped in your upholstery is to blow up a balloon and use the power of static cling to attract the hairs onto the balloon's surface and away from your interior. You can also wear rubber gloves and swipe along the fabric of your seats in one direction, rolling hairs into clumps. Spraying the area lightly with water first can help in grabbing the hairs.



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