Kia Sedona - When Safety Matters the Most

Everyone looks for something different when shopping for a new vehicle, but most agree that safety always comes first. The Kia Sedona, a popular minivan, is a vehicle loaded with safety features designed to keep you and your family as safe as possible. Stop at Auto Express Kia and get all the information you need on the Kia Sedona.

Two very popular safety features in the Kia Sedona are the Smart Cruise Control and the Blind-Spot Collision Warning. The Smart Cruise Control automatically slows you down or speeds you up to help you stay the correct distance behind other vehicles and avoid collisions. If the Blind-Spot Collision Warning senses a potential collision situation, it sends you an auditory or visual warning.

If you’re interested in taking the Kia Sedona out for a spin to check out some of these many features, come to our Erie dealership, and we’ll get you going.



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