You Should Be Aware Of The Signs That There's An Issue With Your Ignition System

When you purchase a vehicle from Auto Express Kia, we want you to have years of uninterrupted driving around Erie. This means knowing a bit about your vehicle and the things that need to be serviced. Keeping your vehicle's ignition system in proper working order is a must so you should be aware of some of the warning signs that service is required.

One thing that you'll want to look out for is oil soak. The starter is often located at the bottom of the engine where it is vulnerable to oil and other leaks from the drivetrain. A soaked starter has a shortened lifespan so if your vehicle is leaking and the starter has already been compromised, the leak should be fixed and starter replaced.

Another more alarming sign of an issue with the ignition system is smoke. While it can be an indication of a few problems with the starter, it usually is an indication that too much power is being drawn to the starter. If you see smoke, then you should have your vehicle serviced by a professional as soon as possible.


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