Warning Signs That Let You Know it's Time to Have Your Tires Replaced

Our car experts at Auto Express Kia want to help you keep your vehicle in good condition with useful automotive tips. Your vehicle's tires are important because they help with handling, steering, traction, braking, and stability. Tires will eventually wear and need to be replaced, which is why it's important to keep an eye out for the following signs you need new tires.

Cracks on the sidewall should be inspected immediately because it's a sign that a leak is developing. Most cracks or cuts will appear as deep grooves that are noticeable after the first or second glance.

Be sure to check for tire bulges and blisters as well. When the outer surface of a tire becomes weak, it will begin to blister or bulge. These are weak spots in the tire and increase the risk of a sudden blow out, which is why tires with bulges and blisters should be replaced as soon as possible.



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