In Erie, it’s important to know how to get around. This is why being an Uber or Lyft driver is such an essential job, as you’re providing a service to those who need options to get them to where they want, when they want to. However, making sure that you choose the right car to drive with can be just as essential as choosing to work for a ride-sharing app in the first place.

Before you select a specific model, it’s important to note that you should not be purchasing a new or luxury car for your Uber or Lyft job. This is because these types of cars are typically the models that lose their appearance quickest and also cost the most. Basically, your car will never look as good as when you bought it and it’ll take longer to earn back the money you spent on it!

To avoid this, we recommend getting a midsize car such as the Kia Forte. You’ll be able to take at least 3 people with you while also getting a good gas mileage, making it ideal for those long nights of Uber or Lyft driving!



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