Auto Express KIA and JET/FOX/YourErie Good Kid of the Week

Please join us in congratulating Birdie Flynn the Auto Express KIA and JET/FOX/YourErie “Good Kid of the week” . Birdie is a 6th grader at Rice ave Middle School. She was nominated by Frank Beachly jr 6th grade teacher. Here is what why Mr Beachly nominated Birdie. Last year, students were allowed to invite a veteran for lunch during our 2018 Veterans Day Commemoration.  I teach 6th grade Social Studies and help organize the event.  As a privilege, I am able to walk around visiting with the students and their veteran.  In the corner of my eye, I saw a young girl help her guest who was in a wheelchair.  I did not know who this young lady was as she was in 5th grade at the time.  I was amazed at this student’s patience with her grandfather.  My dad was invited to this event having served in the Army.  My mom who accompanies him could not say enough about the character of this student.  She wiped his face, retrieved his food, and pretty much did anything her grandfather politely asked.  She did not have any attitude and was genuinely kind to her grandfather.  I was so struck by this connecting of generations and kindness, that I included it in my Veterans Day speech reiterating the similar words that I have wrote.  Fast forward to a year later for our Veterans Day Commemoration for 2019.  I see this same young lady politely helping her grandfather again.  I now know who this student is as she’s in my sixth grade class, Bridie Flynn. 


Bridie deserves this award for so many reasons.  She is kind, considerate, and patient as she consistently helps her needy peers at times in our classroom as well.  An adult does not have to intervene and ask her, Bridie is just that considerate and empathetic to those around her.  Bridie does all this looking for nothing in return.  I so stress the importance in my classroom to make connections with others, especially grandparents.  I am thankful that my mom did this for me so that I purposely spent time with my grandmother, a time I can never get back.  We  can all learn so much from the generations that have gone before us, if we only take the time.  Then, here is Bridie, already having the wisdom to know the importance of others in taking time for them, as well as, for a grandparent.  I am proud of Bridie, and am thankful to have her as a student in my class.

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