Should I Change My Oil if I Don't Drive That Often?

Everyone likes saving money, but skimping on having your car serviced is one area where you could cause yourself some big expenses further down the line. If you haven't been driving your car very many miles, you still need to get oil changes occasionally to ensure your oil is in prime condition.

Water vapor is one of the most destructive elements in your engine. If you're not driving very much, your car isn't producing the kind of heat it needs to in order to evaporate this vapor. It infuses your oil and contributes to oxidizing delicate engine components, which could lead to big expenses as it shortens the engine's lifespan. If you only drive a few thousand miles each year, plan to have your oil changed every six months so you know it's protecting your engine.

Make sure your engine is running smoothly and your oil changes are up to date with a visit to the mechanics at Auto Express Kia.



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