3 Reasons to Wash Your Car Once a Week

At Auto Express KIA, we care about readers being informed and protecting their purchases. Dirt buildup on a car can cause it to begin rusting. The vehicle's protective coating deteriorates as well from dirt sticking to its surface too long. We recommend that car owners wash their cars once a week to extend their lifespan, maximize their resell value and improving safety on the road.

Cleaning your car once a week prevents rusting and helps it look as good as new for a long time. If you live on the coast or visit the beach, salt in the air can cause rusting of the undercarriage and deterioration of its finish. Thus, even if your car doesn't appear that dirty, its lifespan is shortening when you don't clean it often. By extending your car's lifespan, you naturally increase its trade-in and resell value. Clean windows also let you see the road more clearly, so you can drive safely.

Because your car is a major purchase, you want it to maintain as much of its value as possible over time. One of the most important ways of doing this is washing your car on a weekly basis.



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