Choosing Between Rubber and Carpet Floor Mats

At Auto Express KIA, we want you to fully understand all aspects of being a vehicle owner. One issue that may come up is choosing between rubber and carpeted floor mats. Rubber floor mats tend to be easier to clean than carpeted ones, which can be important if you live in an area that has a lot of snow or rain.

Rubber mats can also be ideal for those with pets or kids. Carpeted floor mats tend to look nicer and are easier to customize. They can come in up to 50 different colors to better match the interior of your vehicle. Rubber floor mats only come in tan, black and gray.

A carpeted floor mat can be personalized with your name or a logo. Furthermore, they may be available from both the dealership as well as third-party suppliers. Therefore, they may cost less than rubber mats.




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