Roadside Emergency Kits & What You Need

Imagine breaking down on the highway and not having the supplies you need to get by until help arrives. Being unprepared for a roadside emergency can make a bad situation seem even worse. Stop at Auto Express KIA and check out our roadside emergency kits and supplies we have on hand.

One of the first things to remember when you have a roadside emergency is to not panic. Pull over on the side of the road away from traffic, lock the doors and call for help. If you have flares put them out away from the vehicles. Supplies you might need in your vehicle include a flashlight, water, blanket, batteries, first aid kit, jack and toolkit.

We offer not only supplies to help you get through a roadside emergency but also some great tips on what to do and what you need. Visit our dealership in Erie, PA and let us offer our services to you.



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