Keeping a Clear View This Winter

When you have a dirty windshield, pulling the handle to release a dose of windshield wiper fluid can be a truly satisfying experience. Have you ever thought about why we use a special fluid to clean our windshields, though, instead of, say, water?

One very important characteristic of windshield wiper fluid, especially in winter, is its special formulation to prevent freezing. While water freezes at 32 degrees, some windshield wiper formulations can withstand temperatures as low as -50 degrees. Having the fluid available when you need it most is critical to your safety as you travel dirty winter roads.

Another important characteristic of windshield wiper fluid is that it contains special detergents that allow it to clean tougher dirt than water alone could. Especially with all the salt and grime that gets thrown on your windshield in the winter, water alone wouldn't give you the clear view you need. Windshield wiper fluid, though, provides great results every time.

If your wiper fluid is running low, stop by and see us at Auto Express KIA today, and we'll get it right back to where it needs to be.

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