Keep Your Car Smelling Great By Changing Cabin Air Filter

We are all guilty of the occasional on the road snack. A bag of onion rings, a big cheeseburger, a few tacos, all things that are tasty but carry quite a strong scent. This can cause the interior of your car to start to smell bad over time. One of the ways this is prevented is by passing the air in your cabin through what is called the cabin air filter. At Auto Express KIA, we take a look at your cabin air filter and make sure that it is doing its job and keeping your car's interior smelling as fresh as possible.

Long after you have eaten your road snack, the scent molecules linger around. When you turn on your cars AC or heat system, it pulls air from inside the cabin and runs it through the cabin air filter. If this filter is dirty or otherwise not working properly, it will not clean the air and could keep your car's interior smelling funky.

Don't expose yourself or your passengers to awful smells. Bring your vehicle into Auto Express KIA for a cabin air filter change today.
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