Infotainment Systems Explained

The days of having a simple car stereo are gone. Today, infotainment systems offer music and video play in addition to having radio functionality. Infotainment systems feature enlarged screens that display camera and sensory technology images in addition to the system's function controls. The screens are designed in many different sizes. Some have touchscreen features.

Infotainment system controls may be simple buttons, sliders or knobs. Vehicles having rear-seat screens provide more entertainment options, as they are not needed for driving or navigating. Some systems are rather easy to use while others are more complex. The function options commonly include volume control, hands-free calls and text messaging, settings, emergency and subscription services.

Some vehicles incorporate infotainment function options right on the driver's dashboard for ease of use. See the infotainment system options in our Erie, PA vehicles. Visit our Auto Express KIA showroom. Choose a vehicle that suits your tastes and go for a test drive.



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