2017 Kia Soul ! is Better Than It Has a Right to Be

The Kia Soul is a quirky, fun, affordable subcompact crossover with a lot of appeal for families, and younger drivers rolling with the trends. But powerful? Many enthusiasts scoffed at the idea of the Kia Soul ! (Exclaim), the turbocharged variant trimmed with red character stripes and contrast stitching. It's packaged like a performance car, but can it hold a candle to a true "hot hatch"?

The answer, according to Jalopnik reviewer Andrew Collins, is a bit complicated.

Its 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is above and beyond what you would expect considering the Kia Soul !'s economy-car pricing, and it uses the resultant lighting-fast shifting capability to squeeze the most excitement out of its 201 horsepower. It remains planted around corners, despite some mild tire squeal when pushed to its limits, and its boxy crossover shape yields excellent visibility and an airy cabin—two big advantages over sleek crossover competitors.

When compared directly to the performance of these rival hatchbacks, however, the Kia Soul ! falls short—it's just not as fast. But we never really expected an affordable crossover, with an innately higher center of gravity, to come close to a hatchback. What it does deliver is impressive, as Collins sums up: "This car is way better than it has a right to be!"

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